Sacred Journey

This newly published CD Set opens a door to your Quest, your Sacred Journey, which begins the moment you entertain the great question:

Where am I going? What is my life about? What do I value?

What gives me a sense of purpose?

What is sacred, meaningful, of ultimate concern to me?

What are my deepest longings?

Where am I now on my life journey?

Who gave me the map I have followed thus far?

Who defined success and happiness for me?

Have I forgotten the adventure I once planned, the dreams that guided me?

When I get bogged down, nearsighted, lost in the details of making a living, how do I find my way out of the forest?


Join Sam Keen on the quest that begins when you open the secret window into your heart. Ask yourself the questions that recover the innocent eye of childhood, which sees wonder and magic in everyday life.


This set of 6 CDs includes:

Side 1: A Spiritual Yearning

Side 2: Preparations for the Journey

Side 3: Telling Your Own Story

Side 4: Traveling Companions, Guides, Gurus and Fellow Travelers

Side 5: Identifying the Sacred

Side 6: Recovering Sensuality

Side 7: Sex-The Sacred and Profane

Side 8: Work, Vocation and Meaning

Side 9: The Compassionate Community

Side 10: The Practice of Spiritual Ecology

Side 11: The Dark Night of the Soul

Side 12: Rituals for Living