Wisdom of Sandor McNab

Please do not attempt to locate or contact Sandor McNab. He wishes to remain anonymous. I have abstracted many of his aphorisms, puns and pithy sayings from our conversations and have included many of them (with his permission) in my book.


Nothing determines who we will become so much as those things we choose to ignore.


What you don’t know

will hurt you,


The Shadow knows


If the glove

doesn’t  fit,

turn it






A human being is a featherless, storytelling animal.

And yet, God gives us stories in our sleep


Hold a chambered shell to your ear and you will hear the undulating surge and sigh of the primal sea.


Speed is the evil twin of noise.

Leisure is the bride of silence.


A man’s reach must exceed his grasp

Or, what’s a meta-for?


The body is the spirit incognito.


Change the eye that sees

and you change the world that is seen.


Where your attention is,

there will your heart be also.



the invisible beacon

that lights our way

along forgotten paths

to a remembered homeland.


I think in order to remember

what I already know,

to re-collect my essence,

to savor the promise

that has been unfolding since my birth,


Lovers begin by frolicking near the shore in the shallow waters of desire, but the currents of time sweep them toward the oceanic depths where the mystery of being, freedom and creation is 10,000 fathoms deep.


Love is an arrow shot from the bow of longing

that flies out sight into the great Beyond.


Love adds and multiplies.

Hate divides and subtracts.