Sep 28 – Sep 30 2018 

Omega Institute Rhinebeck, NY

What’s Next? Reviewing & Revisioning Your Life

With Sam Keen and Patricia De Jong

Mar 29 – 31, 2019

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

What’s Next? Reviewing and Revisioning Our Lives

with Sam Keen, Patricia De Jong with Michael Murphy

The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see. — Winston Churchill

Every decade brings new challenges, goals, pleasures, and horizons. Surprisingly, the essence of what we may become, the voice of our future, is already resonating in us. We invite you to explore some novel ways to think about your possible futures, and listen for the echo of promises and potentials still unfulfilled.

• Where are you in your journey?

• Who goes with you?

• What have you accomplished?

• What’s old, stale, worn-out, or boring?

Experience an in-depth weekend of looking back and forward during this condensed What’s Next? workshop with Sam Keen and Patricia de Jong. This philosophical exploration of the path forward provides tools for looking at our future as a community and as individuals.

On Saturday evening, a special feature will be a conversation with Sam Keen and Esalen co-founder Michael Murphy to remember the wisdom, folly, and contribution Esalen has made to expanding the human potential. What we learned…and didn’t. The conversation also celebrates a long friendship and Sam’s 50th year as a treasured Esalen contributor.


Sam Keen

Sam Keen is a freelance philosopher, teacher and workshop leader. He is the author of numerous books, including Fire in the Belly, Learning to Fly, and Faces of the Enemy. He has taught at Esalen for 50 years.

Patricia De Jong

Patricia de Jong, Rev, is an ordained minister and community leader with experience in educational and graduate institutions. She works as a consultant to emerging leaders nationally and coaches in spiritual nurture and transformation. She is deeply involved in justice and peace issues.

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is cofounder and chairman emeritus of the Board of Esalen Institute. He is the author of four novels including Golf in the Kingdom and The Kingdom of Shivas Irons. His nonfiction works include The Life We Are Given (with George Leonard) and The Future of the Body. During his involvement in the human potential movement, Murphy and his work have been profiled in The New Yorker and featured in magazines and journals worldwide.


Prodigal Father, Wayward Sons

May 26, 2017 – May 29, 2017

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Course: SM17-1503-989                         

Teacher: Sam Keen, Gifford Keen

While Sam Keen was recovering from a head injury and multiple surgeries, his son Gifford Keen visited him. In a gesture of healing, Gifford reached out to his father and said, “Whatever it was I held against you all these years, the statute of limitations has run out.”

Through subsequent deep listening and honest storytelling—recounting the experiences of their relationship each from their own point of view—they began to reconcile their longstanding, intractable differences and reframe their contentious relationship.

In this workshop with Sam and Gifford, you examine positive male role models and learn new ways to move beyond old wounds. You explore proven and concrete methods to overcome longstanding failures as fathers and sons, examine your personal mythologies, and understand the old and new ways that boys are ushered into manhood. As you reveal what has divided and united you, you become open to new possibilities to create the intimacy or forgiveness that is your heart’s desire.

All men are welcome, whether you come with your father, your son, or by yourself. Women interested in exploring this topic are also welcome.


What’s Next – Reviewing & Revisioning Your Life

September 29, 2017 – October 01, 2017

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Course: SM17-5102-858

Teacher: Sam Keen, Patricia de Jong

Each decade of your life brings new challenges, goals, pleasures, and horizons. When the trauma of divorce, illness, or tragedy—or sudden good fortune—strikes you, or when you gradually become dissatisfied or aimless, it’s time to take stock and look for a new story to guide you toward a more hopeful future.

Surprisingly, the essence of what you may become, the voice of your future, is already resonating in you. Come listen for the echo of your future through storytelling, conversation, and exploration of the promises and potentials still unfulfilled. In this workshop, we ask:

  • Where are you on your journey?
  • What have you accomplished?
  • What hasn’t happened yet?
  • What do you need to leave behind?
  • For what, or for whom, are you grateful?
  • What will your legacy will be?
  • How will you fulfill the gift of your life?
  • What decisions do you want to make?

This mythic journey workshop is appropriate for anyone at a crossroads in life, as well as professional counselors and life coaches who wish to use the information and techniques with clients.